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Often, when I want to write about something new, I need an idea to spark the imagination, and then it runs wild. One day, I sat pondering, filtering through my database of a brain that is full of usually useless knowledge, when the concept of the celestial spheres came to mind. I had heard of it vaguely in science class as a kid, but also recalled Shakespeare's use of the music of the spheres and that got me thinking about how the classical and Renaissance views of the heavens and solar system were drastically different from our own. I looked up the celestial spheres and bam! The elemental planets could open up a world of possibilities, literally. From there, the sphere Fyr was born, and my imagination took off, creating a world of strife, intrigue, and courtly schemes--think PG-13 GOT with love and magic lightening it up.

Celestial Spheres Reviews

"In Fyr, by Lisa Borne-Graves, the reader is swept away by the complex, passionate characters and their struggle to save their world and each other...

...I enjoyed this magical, fast-paced, romantic read. Lisa Borne-Graves never disappoints with creating conflicted lovers who win my heart."--Jenny Lynn Lambert YA author of THE MEMORY VISIT and THE LAST MEMORY VISIT


"On a planet far, far away, where dragons and special powers exist, two young lovers are about to face betrayal, doubt and the greatest test of their love they could have imagined. Can Toury overcome her self-doubt? Can Alex carry the mantel of power in a world divided by hatred and fear? Will his position and his legacy come between what they have struggled to build?

DRACA by Lisa Borne Graves has all of the tension and passions of young love in a world where Toury doesn’t quite belong and Alex must think of his kingdom first and can only hope he hasn’t destroyed his personal life. Written with that young adult, fast-paced feeling, there are probably moments that are more suited to older teens. Feel the strength of the dragons, the politics of the Royal court, the danger of the rebels and both the betrayal and loyalty of family come to life as discoveries are made, old fears must be laid to rest and a new world must be built in order to survive.

A rapid-fire, high-energy read that is the perfect addition to the Celestial Spheres series! Let your imagination carry you into another great reading escape!"-- Tome Tender


"Fire and Light. Love and Hatred. Magic and Romance. FYR, by Lisa Borne Graves had it all. More than that, it was an excellent tale of the struggle involved when people of different cultures fall in love, neither side realizing it... If it were allowed, I'd give it 6 stars!" -- Reedy and Wade, co-authors of UPON BROKEN WINGS and DARK SOUL: CHOSEN


"An addictive adventure filled with passion, sinister curses, and dark magic. Fyr is a fun, enthralling read that is bound to keep you up all night as you repeat to yourself, 'Just one more chapter.'" Christine Rees, author of THE HIDDEN LEGACY series


"FYR by Lisa Borne Graves carries its own magic between the covers of this fantasy tale of love, discovery and a coming of age for one teen with a keen sense of self, independence and heart. Built in layers, each page opens up onto more...more depth of characters, more fascinating and richly detailed scenes and more of a plot that is as entangled as Medusa's snakes!

Can Toury, an outsider from another realm be the answer Fyr is looking for to save their world, their prince and their very lives or has the darkness already become too much to best?

A touch of romance, a strong female, turmoil, deceit and the fluff of royal pageantry and rules make this one fabulous read from an author who knows how to use her gift of imagination! Highly recommended for a fantasy escape!"--Tome Tender


"Normally, I am a fan of science fiction and dystopian fiction but Lisa Borne Graves enticingly brings the social commentary of those two genres into the fantasy realm with this series. Her themes of feminism, civil rights, and economic equality make for a profound read. The battles, the magic, and the romance keep me reading, and the themes keep me thinking. I eagerly await the next novel." --Jenny Lynn Lambert YA author of  THE MEMORY VISIT and THE LAST MEMORY VISIT


"This third installment of the tale of Alex and Toury is full of adventure, of danger, love and hope as the sphere of Fyr struggles to right the wrongs of the past and build a better more inclusive future. Thwarted at each step by enemies around and within the family, the bonds of love triumph over the greed and malevolence of the combined forces of rebels and necromancers.

The characters are so special to the reader and the story, that the pages fly by as they get in and out of trouble so many times. As in all romantic fairy tales, love does conquer evil and they will live happily ever after…..until the next challenge they face in Fyr!"--Amazon Customer


"I truly enjoyed this trilogy. I appreciate that the author didn't rely on the damsel in distress trope, but wrote more of a damsel who can save herself and solve political and personal issues. The lead characters are strong, and I'm looking forward to the next book." Amazon Customer


As a child, I was fascinated by genealogy and heritage. My ancestors were pretty easy to trace, most of them immigrating in the late 1800s--well, my paternal side. My maternal side is a bit tricky, but the one thing that we were sure of was my great-grandfather was from Greece. I felt this connection to Greek things from a man I had never met. To me,  Ancient Greece was this amazing place of learning, stoicism, and moderation. Greek Mythology always stuck with me, and I had read all of the classical texts throughout my education.

Then one day after failing to finish my first attempt at a novel, I decided I needed a writing prompt. I opened one of my mythology books for inspiration and flipped through the love stories. The Cupid and Psyche myth stuck out, so I decided to write a few pages, thinking I would reimagine the myth. However, after 6 pages, I realized what had come out was a reinvention of the gods in the present, living new storylines that echo their pasts, with that human quality and fallibility the Greeks instilled into their gods.

The Immortal Transcripts Reviews

"The gods, a dysfunctional family of immortal beings with powers we can only imagine, do they fall in love forever? What if they fall for a mere mortal? You think your family has issues, wait until you meet Archer’s...

...Archer is secretly a god, his job, to pierce the hearts of lovers with his arrow, but only once has love found him and it was brutally taken away. Then Callie started at his high school, serious, intelligent and with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Archer is positive she is the soulmate he lost hundreds of years before and he is in love, too bad she is a mere mortal and his grandfather, Zeus will kill her if he finds out.

Is there more to Callie than meets the eye? She has connected with Archer on every level, they need only look at each other to communicate and Archer’s family is going to try everything to keep them apart, just as he will do everything he can to keep them together.

QUIVER by Lisa Borne Graves is a gripping tale of love, loss and reclaiming love, once again, perfect for young adult readers or those who are young at heart. No over-the-top angst, gods living in the mortal world, mortals completely unaware and the god of love denied what his own heart truly wants. Can Callie and Archer find a way to be together? How can he keep her in the dark about who and what he is? Ahhh, the trials of young love when your family just won’t butt out…

An excellent read with colorful characters, mythology, and some very surprising twists!"-- Tome Tender


"Quiver answers an age-old question that plagues gods and men alike. How far would one go to protect the one they absolutely love? It also reveals that despite their immortality, the gods and goddesses of old are just as human as us mortals." -- E.L. Reedy, co-author of UPON BROKEN WINGS and DARK SOUL: CHOSEN


"Lisa Borne Graves is a talented story teller. Her characters, by human standards are unique, but yet she cleverly allows us to identify with them.

Her books are both for young and old. Anyone who has a passion for mythology will find themselves immersed into every page, wanting it to never end. Actually even if you are not a fan of mythology, you will be after reading her books."--Debra Geiman Colletti, author of BITTERSWEET