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Celestial Spheres

Alex and Toury Omnibus

Get all three novels bound together as one with bonus material. Available in hardback, paperback, and eBook formats.

This omnibus edition of the Celestial Spheres series brings the entirety of Alex and Toury's story together in one volume! Not only does it include books 1-3, but it also offers a sneak peek of Mary's story: Wundor. Longtime fans and new readers alike will enjoy this fantastical journey out of our world and into the sphere of Fyr.

FYR (book 1)

At seventeen, Toury arrives in Fyr, where magic is power, a prince’s love is deadly, and female autonomy is a dream. Formerly a loner and burden to her adoptive parents, she ruins her chances of a fresh start by offending an ogler who just happens to be the prince.

Alex, the Prince of Fyr, is no novice when it comes to pressure. He has to face his father’s ailing health, the expectation to marry soon, and the hidden necromancers trying to take over the realm by exploiting his dark curse. At least there’s hope in a cheeky savior, but Earth girls aren’t so easy.

Toury and Alex learn that the strongest magic cannot be conjured but must be earned. They must risk their lives, hearts, and futures to save the land from a darkness of apocalyptic proportions. But can they trust each other enough to save Fyr? Or will everything they hold dear turn to ash?

DRACA (book 2)

After everything they’ve been through, Alex and Toury deserve a happily ever after, but being king proxy is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Alex inherited a world divided by his father, including incensed rebels—and a rogue dragon on the loose!—but the most pressing issue is Toury. Though he chose his kingdom over her and hurt her, by the god and goddess, he loves her too much to let her go. But can he ever do enough to deserve her?

Toury is a shell of her former self and grappling to figure out who—in this still-alien world—she will become. Her relationship is a hot mess, nightmares plague her, and rooting out necromancers is more than overwhelming—not to mention family baggage. Becoming queen means overcoming her past and seeing Alex for the man he is and not the cursed monster who destroyed their love.

Rebels, dragons, and betrayals galore are just another day of court life. Toury and Alex managed to save the world, but can they repair a torn kingdom while their personal lives are in shambles?

BLADESUNG (book 3)

To say Toury and Alex’s reign has been rocky is an understatement. But the danger isn’t over yet. Rebels and necromancers are still out there, joining forces under “the commander.” As Alex plans against a war beyond what Fyr has seen in generations, he knows they will strike where it hurts Alex most: his heart. He must make the ultimate decision—sacrifice everything, or let his tenacious lifemate save herself?

Meanwhile, being a queen is not Toury’s dream job—she always wanted Alex, not the crown. But as enemies close in, Toury must make her own harrowing choices to control her own destiny, and if she must, all of Fyr’s.

In this conclusion to Alex and Toury’s love story, they will face horrors beyond their wildest nightmares. Will they be able to heal a fractured kingdom, or will all turn to ash and ruin?

WUNDOR (companion novel)

Coming 2023

The princess on the periphery gets to tell her side of the story from her insecure entry into society, culminating in her courtship with Fyr's most lovable cad. With fiery energy and a desperate need for acceptance, can Mary become the princess the flames destined her to be?

The Immortal Transcripts

QUIVER (book 1)

What would you do if you could live forever? Could you hide it from the one you truly loved, especially if her life depended on it?

Thanks to his dysfunctional Olympian family, Archer Ambrose finds out firsthand how difficult this can be. He never falls in love but bestows it on others—until he meets Callie.

When Callie Syches moves to the Upper East Side to prepare for her father’s impending death, she doesn’t expect to meet the boy of her dreams. She also never believed her father’s harebrained theory about myths, but her uncanny ability to “see” uncovers godly secrets Callie can hardly fathom.

With an immortal family demanding absolute obedience, how far will Archer go to protect his love from the storm the gods will unleash upon them?

In this reinvention of Cupid and Psyche, experience an electrifying series where familial and romantic bonds are at war, and knowledge could mean the end of everything…or a new beginning.

FEVER (book 2)

I could not let go, let alone believe Archer was truly gone. There was something utterly wrong with the statement “Archer Ambrose is dead.”

To say it was a bad “breakup” would be an understatement. Callie is told Archer is dead, but if the god of love were dead, surely she’d stop loving him? Lucien and Aroha try to help Callie grieve and move on—only Lucien finds it difficult to not love her, which is complicated by Callie’s sudden illness, evolving powers, and his obsession with exposing truth.

Despite Archer’s orders to never see her again and his warmonger father’s ever-watchful gaze, Archer can’t resist the dangerous urge to plot ways back to Callie. Chase must find a way to save his son, even if it means calling upon the recently suppressed war-god within.

With the immortal world fractured, can Love find a way to piece his heart–and world–back together? Or will it forever be divided?

In this reinvention of Cupid and Psyche, experience an electrifying series where familial and romantic bonds are at war, and knowledge could mean the end of everything…or a new beginning.

SHUDDER (book 3)

Coming 2023

Callie and Archer's chance of a happily ever after is blighted by the looming threat of Zeus and Callie's illness. New places, visions, and faces could give the gods answers, but the shuddering truth might be too hard to bear.

Stand-Alone Works

Title: TBA

Coming TBA

Four Grand Strand novelists band together to bring you an anthology of shorter works. From mysteries to ghost lore, and places between, they will bring you beautiful local places and lots of intrigue.

*This title will be published by the authors


What happens if bees go extinct?

In the not-so-distant future, scientifically modified Emlyn and Ace find themselves thrown into the role of saviors on a perilous mission where their tenuous relationship could save or destroy mankind. As the war between rebels and the corrupt government reaches a fever pitch, Ace is bent on self-sacrifice and revenge, while Emlyn must choose between her heart and the future of mankind.

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"DARE" in the KISSED Anthology

Kisses can be innocent, playful, or just to comfort. Some are for luck and others have the promise of sweeter ones to come.

That's why we've dedicated an anthology to the kiss. These eight hand-picked stories are brimming with romance, and they all begin and end with a kiss.

It all started with a dare. A kissed note slipped into the locker of Mia’s longtime crush managed to capture Gray’s attention, but how to get her first-ever kiss from him proves more problematic. With every dare, there’s a second option. Will truth give them a shot at romance or will her kiss sputter out on the page?

*This title is repped by Evernight Teen Publishing in ebook and print