Works In Progress

Wundor: A Celestial Spheres Epistolary Companion Novel

Coming July 2024

Editing phase

The princess on the periphery gets to tell her side of the story from her insecure entry into society, culminating in her courtship with Fyr's most lovable cad. With fiery energy and a desperate need for acceptance, can Mary become the princess the flames destined her to be?

Lyft: A Celestial Spheres Novel

Coming July 2026

Drafting phase

Follow a Sapphirian to the Lyft Sphere where they find a deranged empress and a royal up for auction.

Water: A Celestial Spheres Novel

Coming July 2028

Drafting phase

Follow a Sapphirian to the Water Sphere where they are tasked to help a royal get back their throne.

The Immortal Transcripts: Shudder (book 3)

Coming February 2023

With publisher

New places, visions, and faces will give the gods answers, but the shuddering truth might be too hard to bear.

The Immortal Transcripts: Smolder (book 4)

Coming February 2025

Drafting phase

The Immortal Transcripts: Glimmer (book 5)

Coming February 2027

Brainstorming phase

Tylwyth Teg series

Coming 2029-ish

5-book series: 1 in editing phase, 2 in revision phase, 2 brainstorming phase

Celtic Fae Short Stories

Coming ???

2 stories--with publisher

3 stories--editing/drafting