Celestial Spheres series

Celestial Spheres is an upper-YA fantasy romance series suitable for older teens and adults. 

The trilogy follows the story of Toury and Alex on a world-saving quest full of love, politics, and drama all set in the Fyr sphere where fire magic is power.

Book 1 Fyr
from Authors 4 Authors Published July 14th 2019
At seventeen, Toury arrives in Fyr, where magic is power, a prince’s love is deadly, and female autonomy is a dream. Formerly a loner and burden to her adoptive parents, she ruins her chances of a fresh start by offending an ogler who just happens to be the prince.
Alex, the Prince of Fyr, is no novice when it comes to pressure. He has to face his father’s ailing health, the expectation to marry soon, and the hidden necromancers trying to take over the realm by exploiting his dark curse. At least there’s hope in a cheeky savior, but Earth girls aren’t so easy.
Toury and Alex learn that the strongest magic cannot be conjured but must be earned. They must risk their lives, hearts, and futures to save the land from a darkness of apocalyptic proportions. But can they trust each other enough to save Fyr? Or will everything they hold dear turn to ash?

Often, when I want to write about something new, I need an idea to spark the imagination and then it runs wild. One day, I sat pondering, filtering through my database of a brain that is full of usually useless knowledge, when the concept of the celestial spheres came to mind. I had heard of it vaguely in science class as a kid, but also recalled Shakespeare's use of the music of the spheres and that got me thinking about how the classical and Renaissance views of the heavens and solar system were drastically different than our own. I looked up the celestial spheres and bam! The elemental planets could open up a world of possibilities, literally. From there, the sphere Fyr was born, and my imagination took off.

Book 2 Draca
from Authors 4 Authors Publishing in July 2020

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