About Me

Lisa Borne Graves is a Ya author, English Lecturer, wife, and supermom of one wild child. Originally from the Philadelphia area, she relocated to the Deep South and found her true place of inspiration. Her love for all literature, led her to branch out from the academic arena to spin her own tales. Lisa has a voracious appetite for books, British television, and pizza. Her inability to sit still makes her enjoy life to its fullest, and she can be found at the beach, pool, on some crazy adventure.

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Catch me on Twitter. I'm always dispensing more advice than asked for and randomly offer my help with queries, pitches, and other aspects of the publishing industry whenever I have time. 

I'm unfortunately closed for reviews right now, having a lack of time to read due to the pandemic. I am, however, doing more author features. If you have at least 1 book published on Amazon contact me for an author feature through the avenues above.