Kid Lit 

by Alissa Brengrove & Family

Alissa Brengrove & Family is the pen name for the children's book team of Lisa Borne Graves (author), Matthew Graves (illustrator), and son (idea generator). Living in a neurodiverse household, the family noticed many children's books about disabilities with ableist endings where the character learns to control and repress themselves to fit a standard of behavior rather than the community learning to accept one's uniqueness. Telling a child to change themselves without adults doing so as well  to meet them halfway is not a healthy lesson for disabled children. The team is working on the following books and looking for representation in the publishing world.

Surgio the Sloth

Picture book for 4-8 year-olds 

Surgio the sloth has a problem: he's too fast, wild, and also told to go slow.  But a dangerous encounter with a boa might just be what his community needs to realize Surgio is truly a gift.

* illustrations coming soon

Phil Finch Kid Detective, ASD

Chapter book for 7-10 year-olds

Life is full of challenges for Phil Finch, but becoming the Autistic School Detective to crack the case of the missing trophy might gain him friends. Well, if he overcomes meltdowns, a bully, and shows the "typicals" what acceptance truly means.

*illustrations coming soon

illustrations © 2023 Matthew Graves