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Book Baby Birth Announcement: DRACA

Book Baby Birth Announcement: Draca (book 2 of Celestial Spheres) I'm proud to announce that I just delivered a beautiful book that is ??? page numbers. This is the highly anticipated sequel to Fyr, aptly named Draca (book 2 of Celestial Spheres). Here's a picture of the bouncy baby, 360 (or180?) degree-view like any good parent would show. Here's a closer up view of the back cover blurb: After everything they’ve been through, Alex and Toury deserve a happily ever after, but being king proxy is not all it’s cracked up to be. Alex inherited a world divided by his father, including incensed rebels—and a rogue dragon on the loose!—but the most pressing issue is Toury. Though he chose his kingdom over her and hurt her, by the god and goddess, he loves her too much to let her go. But can he ever do enough to deserve her? Toury is a shell of her former self and grappling to figure out who—in this still-alien world—she will become. Her relationship is a hot mess, nightmares plag

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