Publishing Update: 2020--The year of 9 WIPs

Publishing Update: 2020--The year of 9 WIPs

It's my birthday today, the big 4-0. I decided to dedicate this blog to the year in review. How my 39th year of life was one of the hardest, as it was for most, but also the most productive... uh, sort of.

So, yeah COVID-19, plus homeschooling, plus teaching my college students virtual and in-person. Add in 2 book releases and the copyediting and marketing done. Don't forget the life problems with the house and child--2020 was one for the books. I had little time to read and write, but I ended up with 9 WIPS!

Okay, so honestly, I'm bad with time. Some of these 9 carried over from 2019, 2 were with the publisher (I consider them WIPs until they are released), and 1 was a short story, another one definitely carried over from 2019 and was a children's chapter book, so also a shorter work, and--oh, forget it. Let me write it out where it makes sense.


1. Fever: Book 2 of The Immortal Transcript series, out Feb. 2021

2. Bladesung: Book 3 of Celestial Spheres series, out July 2021

3. Shudder: Book 3 of The Immortal Transcripts, to be submitted oh-so-soon

4. Epistolary novel: a companion novel to the Celestial Spheres, about halfway drafted

5. Secret kid's chapter book: one last edit and sending to critique group 

6. Spinoff 1: A Celestial Spheres book, started a few chapters 

7. Spinoff 2:  A Celestial Spheres book, started a few chapters 

8. "The Blessed One": short story to prelude a new series, submitted, accepted, date TBA (after the series above are finished)

9. Smolder: Book 4 of The Immortal Transcripts, my NaNoWriMo project, 10k drafted

*A bunch of short story ideas written down that I wouldn't let myself start, and 2 other novels I limited to post it notes.

Why so many you ask? Why not focus? Well, stressful times like 2020 raise my anxiety which triggers ADHD symptoms. I couldn't focus on one thing, and when I was bogged down with work, I wasn't able to read or write. My imagination--aka my Evil Muse--boils over and daydreaming unleashes new ideas. All of these WIPs will take me up to 2025 to have them published. It's a roadmap, a plan...if I can stick with it, that is.