Author Feature: Debra Geiman Colletti

Debut Novel: 

Anna has an extraordinary life surrounded by a loving husband and two sons. Or so everyone thinks. What is buried in her heart is the shame of a secret that changed the course of her life. Lost at sea, she struggles to forget and remember all that has led her up to this fateful event. BITTERSWEET is a story of how one can allow themselves to believe a lie until they are forced to face the truth.

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The Interview:

What inspired you to write this book?

What inspired me to write this book? About five years ago, I woke from a dream and told my youngest son about it. He said, “Wow you ought to write a book!” Thus began my journey into making the dream into a story that I hoped everyday people could relate to. The characters and plot were in place since day one. As time went on while writing, I had more ideas that came to me as I sought to reveal how each of them played a part of this journey. I also knew in my heart that I needed to share the story of how we can allow ourselves to believe a lie until we are forced to see the truth. 

Wow, cool! I also sometimes dream up stories in my sleep; even though we write vastly different genres, our imaginations work the same. Speaking of genres, what is your favorite genre and why?

My preferred genre is faith based. I believe that everyone needs to know that they have a Savior that loves them unconditionally. Many people carry the burden of false guilt and shame and view God as a hostile judge. I hope that in reading this book peoples eyes are opened to the truth. I have not read many spiritual books that touch on so many of the issues that people in this world face today. I hope my book portrays the struggles that even Christians face in this life. 

I can tell reading the genre inspired you to add something new to the world. Since your book Bittersweet is out, what have you learned the most through your publishing experience?

I learned that you should have an editor to help you with not only the beginning stages of writing but the end process of publishing. I would not have been able to do this without my editor. I also learned through self publishing that I must be a salesperson. I am not gifted at this, whereas my husband is and has sold more of my books then I have. I realized that selling to friends and family is not enough and that I must have a marketing plan in place. Its like I have a whole new job again!

Tell me about it! It's great you have sales partner, and could not agree more that self-;published authors do need editors if they want to stand out to the crowd with a quality book.

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