Tales in Publishing: Progress Update!

Tales in Publishing: 

Progress Update!

Here's a progress update of what I've been up to lately and hopefully tell those of you who are eager for more what is to come. Trying to answer the questions I've been asked.

Celestial Spheres

The draca (dragons) are coming! Draca book 2 of Celestial Spheres is on it's way with a July 19th release date. We are currently gearing up for the final touches--copyedits, back cover blurb, cover art, and marketing plans. We'll see the dragons for the first time, and see what happens between Toury and Alex after their relationship was left a bit rocky (to say the least). We'll also meet some unexpected--and perhaps unwanted--family members. 

Stay tuned for the cover reveal, book launch party date, and pre-order date. If you are behind, book 1 can be found here: Fyr (Celestial Spheres book 1) 

The Immortal Transcripts

The Immortal Transcripts book 2 Fever was accepted by the publisher late last year and we have completed the first round of edits. It is slotted for February 2021 roughly around Valentine's Day. I'm currently working on book 3 Shudder. I enjoyed writing this story and the first draft will go fast, but draft 2 where I do a lot of research will take me a long time. Our gods will take us to many worldwide locales. (Thank you Google for your street maps and Earth satellite app.) If you're behind, book 1 can be found here: Quiver (The Immortal Transcripts book 1).

The publishing world varies. While my publishers for Fyr and Quiver are working hard with the voice actors making them audiobooks (stay tuned--might have a fall/winter release of the audio of Fyr). My former publisher, however, didn't do audiobooks at all. That means in the contract I held the rights to my book for audio. I had no idea where to start but luckily my critique group went over this in a meeting and taught us how to easily get it done through Amazon's service ACX--where some Audible books are made. It was easy and fun. The voice actors come to you, virtually, auditioning. Then you use Amazon's contracts and then it is now magically being made. Considering all the goes into making one, I believe the release of this audiobook will be early August.

Possible Future projects?
I'm working on and off on a children's chapter book for my son. If I can pull it off, I actually think it could hit it big. However, a lot will need to go into it and I'm calling it my top secret project because I don't want anyone to take such a good idea and get it done before me (it happens). Also, I cannot get two spin-offs of Celestial Spheres out of my mind, so I think the series will continue with two other characters. The Immortal Transcripts has five books altogether so those will continue. Other than that, I have about 8 shelved full rough drafts to choose from as my next endeavor, but those will have to wait a few years, obviously.

You see I'm busy. I hope other authors stay busy fulfilling their dreams of publishing as well. What are you working on?