YA Book Review: Kismet and Karma

YA Book Review: 

Kismet and Karma

This is technically book 2--although it completely overlaps the timeline--that follows Fate and Fortune. Complete spoiler alert, so if interested in these books, then go back and read my review on book 1 here.

If you stayed, this is not a continuation of book one but basically how all of book 1 was pulled off, which is what I was wondering the entire time I read it. However, separating the books was a great move on the author's part because a huge reveal would've taken away from the romance aspect. At the end of Fate and Fortune, we are left wondering if Bryce and Paige are destined to be together and whether magic exists or if there was some elaborate hoax going on. Realists would say the latter, but how on Earth could such a stunt be pulled off? In their group of friends, a matchmaker wants to set the couple up and soon the entire group--with their own love interests, subplots, and motivations--is pulled into the scheme. Only it seems like it might be too difficult to pull off as Bryce and Paige both become suspicious. Do they pull it off or get caught in the act of the biggest love hoax of the century?

What is great about this novel is we are no longer in Bryce and Paige's heads, but in everyone else's. Each character has a unique voice, personality, and subplot of what they are dealing with. I thought it would be repetitive to hear about the same events, but not at all. Between crushes, new love interests, and a hidden relationship--Paige and Bryce become the backdrop, not the main feature. I am in awe of how Daniels was able to keep track of such intricate plots about how the group performed everything in book one while being able to weave new story lines in so seamlessly that nothing was confusing and everything made so much sense (considering both books, I mean). The close-calls and the fear of being caught makes this a real page-turner. Again, the characterization of them all was spot-on realistic and we got to see more into their heads, along with a new character in the mix. It was nice to get to see the depth to their characters we weren't privy to in book one.

This was masterfully done and I suggest reading it because you are truly getting another novel despite how it depicts some already told events. The close-calls and idea of getting caught will keep you turning the pages.

If you read the first one, seriously pick this one up; you won't regret it: buy here.