NaNoWriMo2019: Why You Should Try


Why you 
should try!

What is NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo is a movement beloved and participated in by thousands of writers annually. Every November authors prep to start writing like mad Nov. 1st through the 30th with the quest of reaching 50k words. That is roughly 1,600 and change words a day. It is a lofty but possible goal to strive for. To find out more about NaNo and to sign up see here.

Why should you do it?

It is motivational, sets up a schedule in your life that makes writing a daily habit, and you feel accomplished and part of something. Authors cheer others on, you report your daily progress to get yourself motivated, and you get a lot done. Will you make it to 50k? Does that even matter? Any progress towards finishing your manuscript is a win.

What about my day job?

I'm a college English Lecturer, so each November, I get a stack of 80 research papers to grade. I never made the word count amount after I starting teaching, but NaNoWriMo makes me motivated enough to pound out a lot of word count prior to this grading avalanche. Basically, I get 3 weeks instead of 4 and mange to get anywhere from 30-35k written. So yeah, the day job might prevent you from reaching the goal, but anything you've gotten down is a success. Without this motivation, I probably would only get about 15k completed. And now NaNoWriMo also does a summer "camp" version in the summer so I rocked 50k then.

My weigh in? 

Try it no matter what. You don't have to register on their site or announce it, but test yourself. You might just see you're capable of writing more than you thought you could. You'll get things done and maybe write more than you ever have in one month before. You might just alter your lifestyle to fit writing in even more, and gain the confidence to finish your manuscript. It can't hurt, so give it a go.