Tales in Publishing: The Immortal Transcripts

Tales in Publishing: 

The Immortal 

I've spoken about my newest series in passing, and announced how it was my first completed novel (the story of how it got published a decade later here). However, I have gone silent about details since. A little backstory here. Quiver, book 1 of The Immortal Transcripts, was my first finished novel after lots of false starts. I made many revisions, had too many betas whose advice I listened too--all of their advice--destroying the book; then I had a student editor who helped me revamp it developmentally and grammatically. I still wasn't satisfied so I shelved it, pulling it out thinking of how I should revise it. As the article mentioned above outlines in more detail, it was queried, almost picked up, but I chose to stick to my vision rather than change everything just to get published. Back to the shelf it went.

Fast forward, I published a novella, and two novels. Even though I'm currently working on the Celestial Spheres series with my publishers, I wanted to see how they'd feel about The Immortal Transcripts as well. At this point, amazingly, I did not have to query--for the first time ever. I got to directly submit to the publisher. It was a heady feeling. It was accepted, and we've gone through developmental edits, making a few changes that don't alter my vision, a round of edits, and awaiting the last stage of copy edits, then proofing. We've discuss the cover, and it is being drawn up as we speak. Soon will be entering the marketing part where blurbs will be drafted and ads will be discussed. It's almost wrapped up, and I'm so excited for the world to see it.

In the meantime, in future posts, I'll release the pitch and query for the novel which I had used in the past and saw results from both. Even though the representation and I did not line up at the time, I had great results in sparking interest through my pitch and query. Stay tuned as I reveal details about the series, and I hope it alleviates the wait for those of you who are "dying" for the next Celestial Spheres book (July 2020). Quiver will hit shelves February 2020. Can't wait? Then check out my website for news about it here.