Coming soon! Cover Reveal: FYR

Cover Reveal:

My publishing team and I have been hard at work getting my book ready, and I honestly never had so much fun tinkering around with ads, drawing maps, and all the other little things that go into a book, aside from the actual writing and editing. Today, I'm revealing the book cover, but I want to explain the process and why we chose this route.

First, my series Celestial Spheres take place in a different world imbued with fire, light, and stone magic. Tapping into my network of friends, I reached out to an old college buddy Tiff who owns The Wild Blue Bear Studio (check her out on Instagram) and is into the lapidary arts (works with stones). She was able to take some fantastic photos for me to use in ads.

Sneak Peek
Second, my novel gets complicated when it comes to geography, particularly later in the series, so the publisher suggested a map. I felt so Tolkien-like and special putting my world onto paper. I sent it to my publisher and they traced and enhanced it digitally.

Last, my husband is an illustrator and drew the stone for my cover, while Authors 4 Authors Publishing incorporated it and designed the rest. The stone is a labradorite sphere, a stone that looks kind of like Earth but is the magical transportation that takes Toury, my MC, away from here and lands her in the land of Fyr. Without further ado here is the cover of Fyr, book 1 of the Celestial Spheres.

Marble frame is not part of the cover--for viewing purposes

Overall, I'm pleased with how everything is turning out and glad I went with a publisher who lets me have a say in a very collaborative process and is much more savvy than I am when it comes to digital arts. If you'd like to see the map and read the synopsis of the novel please visit my website Celestial Spheres series.