Nonfiction Review: Reading with Dyslexia

Nonfiction Review: 
Reading with Dyslexia

Reading with Dyslexia is more than an easy-to-understand guide to dyslexia in that it covers many issues that may hinder all readers. It is a must-read reference for anyone who struggles with reading  or knows someone who does.

This book is chock full of psychological information explained in a way the everyday person can understand and learn from. Psychology being my hobby, some of this was a nice refresher and some was completely new to me. I never had someone exemplify dyslexia to me in such an easy way to grasp--showing me what it is like. Every parent of a dyslexic child should read this to gain this hands-on experience that differentiates how our brains work when it comes to looking at words. This book is focused on the theory of understanding HOW people think differently and using their strengths to help them, which has been proven to work with many cognitive conditions.

Even though I was looking at exercises for my child who needs help with handwriting and sensory issues and not dyslexia, so much clicked and made sense about my son and myself. The title is a little misleading because this book is for anyone who has attention issues, autism, sensory issues, or even restless kids who don't want to sit and read. Just like many of these conditions can overlap, this comprehensive book covers it all in an easy-to-read, user friendly way. Exercises are given for all types of issues. I tried some out--feeling a bit silly as an adult--but boy I laughed later at how focused I was. As adults, we sometimes forget what worked for us as children. A simple exercise that employs the mind and body simultaneously can completely realign your attention span in just minutes. Aside from the amazing science and exercises that work, the book uses several narratives about certain learning issues and which exercises helped so parents can align their child's needs with the proper exercises. There are testimonials as well that emphasize how well these quick exercises work, and there are multiple plans to follow depending on the problem and age of the dyslexic person.

In all, this book is for anyone who is affected by dyslexia, or helping someone who is, as well as any reading, handwriting, or sensory issues that disrupt concentration.

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