YA Book Review: Truth in Lies (The Generators Book 2)

YA Book Review: 
Truth in Lies 

Truth in Lies in the second installment of Jennifer DiGiovanni's The Generators series and is an interesting page-turner that propels the plot forward in unpredictable ways. Review to the first novel can be found here.

In this novel, Cara Scotto and Alex DeMarsh's relationship deepens, while Nate and her become fast friends as he tries to help her control her powers to hide the truth from others. Despite wanting to live a normal life, they fear an old enemy striking again. Alex must come to terms with the idea of eliminating the threat and possibly taking over the underground network of supernaturals if he and Cara want a chance at a happily ever after. As they plan out their future together, these threats come back to haunt them. Will Alex's over protectiveness and impeccable plans protect Cara or will she have to hold her own against their enemies?

For starters, book two is just as well told as book one and is in fact a perfect page turning sequel that left me wanting more. There is a lot of romance, relationships and friendships blossoming, and a lot of character depth, but there is a bit less action. This does not truly detract from the novel because the ending is jam-packed full of nonstop, heart-racing action, but is deeper in other ways. Alex is swoon worthy in this one proving in various ways that he intends to be dedicated and with Cara forever and is adorably vulnerable. Cara is still headstrong but learns she cannot take on the world alone. He will do whatever it takes to have a future with her and for her to be happy, while she is finally coming to terms with who she is and becomes fully supportive of Alex. Without spoiling anything, I'm so happy DiGiovanni avoided cliche plot devices--no love triangle, good doesn't quite fully triumph over evil, and no ludicrous bad guy gimmicks. Its realism actually made it unpredictable since the novel avoids overused plot twists readers are used to.

DiGiovanni instead delivers something fresh and real and we can cheer on the couple as they work toward a happily ever after, but they aren't quite there yet leaving readers wanting more.

Truth in Lies Buy book 2 here

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