YA Book Review: The Hidden Legacy (Book 1)

YA Book Review: 
The Hidden Legacy 

The Hidden Legacy, by Christine Rees, has unique and engaging storytelling, with well-developed characters and plot which make it worth reading.

Faye Lithyer is cursed by premonitions of strangers dying, so when she moves in with her grandmother in a new town, she is surprised to have one about her new friend, Rachel. For the first time in her life Faye fits in, but soon learns it’s because Rachel’s clique is “different” too. Together they race the clock to bring their enemies to light in hopes to prevent Rachel’s murder, but how will they succeed if they cannot master their powers and the answers they seek are so deeply hidden?

The narrator, Faye, was a great character overall. I loved how she was socially inept because she'd always been bullied and never had any friends because she was different. However, at times, Faye over explained clues that gave away too much--repetitiously in conversations, thoughts, and observations. I think it was done to lend realism to the story, but it didn't make Faye appear very clever and allowed perceptive readers to surmise events before they happen. I think had the narrative been cut down, since it is fairly long, it would give the plot and character due justice while lessening the predictability of the novel.

That being said, the strengths of the novel outweigh the predictability aspect. It is still an interesting and enjoyable read. Overall, each character was unique, yet identifiable, and completely believable as high school students. Faye’s friends and her grandmother all show a great bond that improves her life and makes readers emotionally vested. I found the premise itself noteworthy, not having read a YA story that involved the paranormal present with a historical motif. The plot is complex yet easy to follow, and the author gives a lot of detail which transports readers into Faye’s story, making us truly envision being there. Even with the fantastical elements, there is an equal mix of everyday high school realism which suspends our disbelief. The action is well told—particularly the descriptions of characters using powers—making a large portion of the book a page turner. The cliffhanger ending leaves readers wanting more, as well as yearning to see possible blossoming relationships fulfilled.

Despite the predictability, this was a successful first book to a series due to its strong characters, overall plot, and how it leaves readers wanting more. I'm looking forward to the next one, but for now, you can purchase the first book at the link below.

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