Tales in Publishing: The Cover

As a child, I always dreamt of having my name in print. I varied from wishing it would be on the front of a movie case, to the cover of a book. Regardless, I wanted to be known--not necessarily famous--for my imagined and perceived talents.

My ability to get that name in print was hardly ever put to the test either due to my perfectionism--drafts never being ready--or fear of rejection--based on the failed attempts of my first novel. However, things have changed. Follow the journey from the beginning (TIP: AcceptanceContract).

A week ago, I was emailed the cover of the book with instructions that I couldn't reveal it anywhere until a certain date. I'm allowed to release it now! I cannot express--in proper words that would give it justice--how it felt to see my name on the front of a book. Just, wow. A childhood dream come true, even if it is only a (long) short story. I now am hoping one day to see my name printed on a book that solely belongs to me. And having now been officially published, I have more confidence that it may one day happen. Here it is!

I absolutely love this cover. The font is playful and the pink is subtle and cute with the clashing paper ball blue hearts. It fits perfectly for my story (and I can't wait to read the rest of the stories my fellow authors wrote) because my story begins with a note and a dare. The cardboard sign makes it a bit rustic so it's not overly girly. Overall, I love it's simplicity. I'd take simplicity over cheesiness any day when it comes to romance book covers. I'm pleased and excited because a cover could make or break sales.

Please stay tuned for release dates and book launch information later this summer. Thanks for your support and for reading!


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