"It's Lit!": Blog Revamp

"It's Lit!": 
Blog Revamp

Blogging has been an on and off thing for me. Losing interest, a lack of ideas for subject content, no free time, and life's stressors seemed to just get in the way. I'm back at it again, but now with a new improved look and a slight shift in subject content. I'm straying away from discussing parenting and personal matters--they were less cathartic posts than I had hoped and didn't improve that avenue of stress. I didn't want it to be another "motherhood, woe is me" blog that you see loads of.
In addition, I will be realigning my focus on my writing for several reasons but the most exciting one is that I'm officially getting published! A short story will appear in an anthology with Evernight Teen publishing in August (so stay tuned). Check out their books! https://www.evernightteen.com/

I'm beyond excited about this and will talk abut it more in later blogs. Second fold, I'll be promoting and showcasing my work as is expected of authors in this digital age. From character sketches, writing exercises, research on the industry, inside looks about the publishing process, and all things YA, I'll be submersing myself into this world to improve my craft.
One thing I need to improve upon is blogging, so I'm setting up a plan. I'm going to write as many blogs as possible over the summer while I'm not working so that I do not fall behind. My goal is to post two a week so I've got a lot of work cut out for me (104 posts!). But I think if you're determined enough, you can make anything happen!

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