The Amores # 1

Here's an introduction to my Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel, entitled Quiver, and its characters for future accent pieces that will be posted every last Monday of the month. Welcome to the world I created, The Amores.

When Callie Sycer (pronounced Syke-ey) is forced to move to the Upper East Side her senior year of high school, due to her widower father’s fatal illness, she never expects to meet the man of her dreams. In fact, love is the furthest thing from her mind as she tries to come to terms with soon being alone in the world. Archer Ambrose, likewise is never looking for love, but instead instilling it in others. Archer, formerly known as Eros and Cupid, is in fact the Greek god of love. He happens to be “mortalling,” posing as a high school senior when his path intersects with Callie’s and he finds he is oddly and intensely attracted to her, which isn’t like him.
Callie and Archer seem perfect for each other; however, instantly she notices that all is not normal with Archer: he is too beautiful for words, highly mysterious, with eyes that literally shine when feeling intense emotions—not to mention that odd year book photo from 1912 that looks exactly like him. These oddities cannot be completely overlooked, for Callie has inherited the gift to see from her overly perceptive father who has his “hair-brained theories” about the Greek gods actually existing. To complicate matters more, the knowledge of Archer’s true identity would allow Zeus to smite Callie, which is something Zeus is eager to do anyway for inexplicable reasons. On top of his grandfather’s anger, Archer cannot truly express his feelings or he could unintentionally bind Callie to loving him and only him for the rest of her life.
The relationship with his Olympian family is strained further due to his mother Aphrodite, who poses as his twin sister Aroha, being jealous of Callie’s striking beauty. Despite her feelings on the matter, Aroha is still torn between obeying Zeus’s orders, which would feed her pride, and her only true son’s happiness. When things get complicated, she attempts to reunite her broken family for the interests of her troubled son by recruiting Archer’s father, Ares. Under the alias of Chase, Ares attempts to win Aroha back and tries to heal a ruptured relationship with his estranged son. One relationship that may take longer for Chase to repair is the one with his half-brother Apollo.
Archer’s best friend Apollo, alias of Lucien, falls in love with Callie as if some unseen force pulls him in, despite the fact she is with his best friend. Lucien, who cannot lie to another immortal, must choose between his best friend of centuries and his intense attraction to Callie. However, his unstoppable need to seek truth has him questioning and searching for answers into Callie’s past, and the secrets he uncovers could put them all in great danger and destroy the couple’s happiness.
Tensions begin to mount, immortal rules are broken, and Archer finds himself despairingly forced to make a choice between family and friends of millennia and the greatest love of his existence. Will he be able to protect Callie from his own kind by keeping her in the dark about his true identity? Will he be able to defy all of Olympus for love? And most importantly, will he be able to live with the consequences of his actions?


  1. That sounds exciting! I love the idea of Greek Gods among us. Mel Gore wrote the first half of a TV series about a similar topic, and I was hooked. Hopefully you'll be able to post a sample chapter soon!

  2. I'll be posting some accent pieces to start. The first will be on Monday. I've read Mel's stuff before too and loved it.


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