Losing my Blog Virginity

Mission Impossible #1
I am a wife, mother, adjunct English professor, writer, and now blogger, “hear me roaaaar!” Join me for a venture into the world of social media as a tool to get published or to fail miserably. I’m an aspiring author who has published a short story in an online journal but is finding it quite difficult to find representation for my YA paranormal romance series due mainly to time issues (life is busy as you all know!). I never knew how much time had to go into not only selling the idea of your novel but also yourself. My adventure began in the end of 2009 when I was issued a copyright for my first completed novel Quiver. Although to be honest, as many writers know, it started way before that. I’ve been writing stories ever since I scribbled my brother’s name on my wall as a toddler. Over the years, I slowly gained confidence in my writing and now in my early thirties I’m ready to allow others to read my material (sort of). In short, I’m trying to turn a lifelong hobby into a career.

There will be four threads of my blog and I will be posting weekly, every Monday in month cycles: in “Mission Impossible” I’m discussing the process, struggles, and hopefully successes of trying to get published; “Resounding Moments” will be dedicated to explaining pivotal and meaningful nonfiction moments in life; “BarFlies” will be fictional vignettes about random strangers seen in bars, and "The Amores," will be a glance into the world of my YA Paranormal Romance series. Please enjoy, leave feedback in the comment box for each post, and share my blog around to anyone who would be interested. Thank you for your support!
Lisa Borne Graves

P.S. The fourth thread for an indefinite amount of time will now consist of "Idio(t)ms," posts that hone in on the ludicrous aspects of famous expressions.